Monday, September 27, 2010

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union General Assembly: the young man is the main consumer groups IPTV

Xinhua Beijing on Nov. 8 (Xinhua Zhouting Yu, Cui fresh) "Young people will be the main users of IPTV." Here at the 43rd Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union General Assembly, on behalf of South Korea's MBC television station, this point of view as Chinese and foreign participants radio and television sector consensus.

SMG Shanghai Media Group president Li Ruigang 8, said: "China to the audience, interactive, personalized consumer demand year by year, according to data provided by McKinsey and young people in the interactive media consumption time is 5 adults fold. "

IPTV's interactive features that just fit the individual needs of young viewers. Features can provide times IPTV, video on demand, interactive services such as information visit the inquiry, so that viewers watch their favorite content at any time, so that the public TV as "My TV." "Now many people IPTV as TV2.0, it represents the development direction of the next generation of television." Li Ruigang said.

South Korea's MBC television network representative Anze ho said: "In the future competition in the television industry, who can win the audience, who will win the market. Now it seems, IPTV consumer market, mainly through attracting young people to develop."

New European Broadcasting Union Technical Department Director Davidwood Countries in the world of the young workers are dynamic, after personality, and satisfy the demands of the individual needs of the audience the advantages of IPTV is, therefore, IPTV Shoudao young man's favor Yeshi makes sense.

IPTV is an interactive network TV, is based on the broadband channel for the transmission to TV sets, computer terminals, set the Internet, multimedia, communications and other technology, and through the Internet Protocol (IP protocol) to transmit television signals, to home users, including television content, including a variety of interactive digital media services.

So far, China has Shanghai Media Group, China Central Television, the South won three of IPTV Media Group operating license. Shanghai Media Group, which since March 2005 will receive their first license to operate IPTV in Harbin and Shanghai since the development of 10 million users.

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