Monday, July 12, 2010

Paul Yeung opening: TCL computer buyers and sellers

No language in the long contemplation, the TCL Group as vice president and president of TCL Computer Technology, Paul Yeung decided to speak.

This is the morning of July 5, Shenzhen Huaxia Art Center a tea room, he tried to answer all kinds of rumors.

After nearly six months, all the computers will be sold TCL rumors are emerging.

Rumors again noisy, it is because by the end of June TCL Group, a private placement announcement - originally scheduled to invest 150 million yuan TCL Computer is canceled. Rumors of logic is as follows: of crisis, the TCL Group retreated TV business, giving up investment to give up the computer business.

"I give up 1.5 million additional investment. "Paul Yeung respect to the newspaper, go to the end of TCL Group, TCL will be set for the introduction of strategic investors in the computer's strategy, since the beginning, he has been the introduction of strategic investors for the TCL computer to run around.

Suddenly 楦i噾

For Paul Yeung and TCL Computer, the 2006 is a year of ups and downs.

"The Group had on the performance of the computer business in 2006 is a high expectation, and we are confident business team. "Something to Remember, Paul Yeung face with a heavy.

In 2005, TCL Group, TV and communications globalization of business expansion are obstacles. Strategy in the development of the Group in 2006, when TV and communications services known as the "recovery period", and the computer business profitable in 2005, based on the continued strong expansion of power, was identified as TCL Group " Third Pole. "

This position has strengthened Paul Yeung and the whole team confidence. "In the desktop era, industry sales accounting for orders over 60%, TCL and the traditional PC business has been at a disadvantage in the competition; but the consumer as the IT industry into the era of personalization, especially notebook computers into the heavy volume in the period 2006 , a former TV TCL in the process can finally play to his advantage. "

In early 2006, TCL Computer has increased investment, including the employment of "Super Girl" Zhang Liang Ying, spokesperson for the brand and put in a lot of promotional resources to invest in R & D also increased, which only "Verone" an integrated R & D machine put on more than 10 million yuan.

These inputs in 2006, the second and third quarter show the role. From January to July 2006, TCL notebook sales is 1.5 times the year 2005. According to IDC released a report, TCL notebook sales in the second quarter, up 489.3 percent year on year growth in all notebook brands in the growth rate ranks first.

While TCL Computer hope "big bang" moment, in August 2006, a sudden exposure of the TCL Group's European operations, huge losses, the Paul Yeung pushed to a very embarrassing position.

To make up for losses in Europe, beginning from August 2006, TCL Group, TCL substantial compression had promised to put into the computer, but also to ensure that the profit made TCL the computer requirements. TCL Computer had a significant compression of the input.

Paul Yeung frankly, who is also a dual role, that he was in a difficult position: as a vice president of TCL Group, is clearly to be taken into consideration the overall situation of the Group; the other hand, as a pioneer TCL computer business, but also very unwilling to Peak in the fast charge suddenly stop fighting.

The adjustment to the fourth quarter of last year, TCL Computer, and the first half of this year's expansion plans had to slow down, and led directly to TCL Computer 2006 loss occurred more than 50 million yuan. In order to appease the TCL Computer team in October last year, the group proposed private placement programs, TCL chairman Li Dongsheng Group decided to come up with 150 million yuan for the TCL Computer replenishment.

But much water can not quench thirst, Paul Yeung said, "integration in the international M & A severe loss of blood TCL Multimedia stronger desire for funds, and private placement group planned to be completed by the end of this year."

On the other hand, set for early introduction of strategic investors, TCL Computer, this is 150 million yuan will also increase barriers to entry of strategic investors.

Three bidders

TCL to Investment news came out, the parties are given a positive response soon. For a time, including Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, ECS, Founder strategic investors from various quarters, including brainer.

Paul Yeung said, "we let out outside, the initiative to invite investment banks to pull strings in contact with a number of international brands, as these messages through the media, public, more investors began to contact with us, the market rumors of these enterprises are mostly TCL Computer has been in contact, but this is the process of selecting the two sides, has not yet reached a final agreement. "

"Money is not our primary purpose of introducing strategic investors, we are more optimistic about industry investors. "Paul Yeung described a preferred partner:" Industry orders in the field and product marketing capabilities and greater ability, can have a significant help TCL computer; the same time allows the resources previously accumulated TCL computer the best play. "

Appears in Paul Yeung, TCL Computer has a "double origin" of the management team - in the IT industry has worked hard 9 years, and they all come from the consumer electronics industry. "Against such a background in the personalized notebook computer sales on the edge, this is the most valued of industrial investors."

The 9-year hibernation to TCL computer the best time has come: PC business growing from a simple transfer of the means of production shape the consumer electronics industry outlook, if this trend has become a major trend, an inevitable requirement for channel structure and operating mode changes occur. And this changes, it is the inherent advantage of TCL Computer is also a traditional PC manufacturer's strengths and weaknesses.

In fact, more and more PC manufacturers have found this trend. Global PC giant Dell recently introduced the "2.0 Plan", in fact, in response to the above changes in the consumer market. Who appears in the analysis, TCL distinctive characteristics of this computer, just with a number of orders in the field of industry companies have complementary strengths.

In this background, Paul Yeung to a loss in 2006, TCL Computer understanding of opportunities. "The loss in 2006 is within the scope of a considerable part of the strategy because fully boot laptop, and would like to make a large leap TCL's IT Strategic done step input, the team also completed the training. "

This account can also be a different algorithm. TCL Computer in 2005 net profit of 37 million yuan, 30 times if the PE companies calculate the market value of 10 billion yuan. "Last year's loss, strategic investors the opportunity to see the lower prices. "Paul Yeung said," Once I returned to normal, you say I worth? "

For current contact with potential strategic investors, Paul Yeung analysis, global brand (Dell, HP, Toshiba) the advantage of brand and trade orders in the field, TCL Computer layout of cities in China, and the depth of the market in 46 channels coverage, all they need.

For Taiwanese companies, such as Acer, elite, etc., ability to doubt their products, but have not done well in the mainland market, brand and channel coverage capabilities, TCL Computer has the advantage of their bullish.

China's Founder, with side mainly through education, publishing and other industries advantages of expansion, they are all personal consumption of TCL advantage of great interest.

"The choice of strategic investors, we have no bias. "Paul Yeung said.

Solve the equity problem

TCL short-board computer is also very obvious - not enough product capabilities, access to upstream resources, ability to lower prices is not strong, and weak market orders in the industry.

In such circumstances, TCL to set the computer to the specific restrictions strategic investors, "We hope that the entry of strategic investors can offset the short-board." Paul Yeung said, TCL Computer is very careful to introduce strategic investors to take a "look up and in serious" approach. Currently not determine the final strategic investors, the ultimate holding ratio, the brand will use the specific targeted.

In fact, the introduction of strategic investors will also change the TCL Group, TCL Computer 100% controlled by the status quo. Paul Yeung said, "TCL Group, TCL Multimedia as the largest shareholder, the stake is 38%; TCL Group's stake in TCL Communication is 52%; TCL Group has also introduced Philips, Toshiba and other strategic investors. Only 100% of TCL Computer, or Group Holdings, the change is normal. "

It is reported that, TCL Computer executives have very little apart from Paul Yeung's shares in the group, other executives and employees have no stake. Paul Yeung said, "We also hope that the introduction of strategic investors, employee stock ownership can solve the problem by the way, whether the holding should be under the final group being targeted. "

TCL Computer sales volume in the TCL Group as at the "Old Three" position, by 2006 had placed within TCL Multimedia, until last June was stripped from the TCL Multimedia.

For this dissection, Paul Yeung said, "TCL Multimedia for business more simple and stripped of a single computer business, while TCL Multimedia complicated ownership structure and financing capacity of the weakened resolve to let the computer back to TCL Group. "

There before as saying, TCL computer may separate listing, which Paul Yeung respect, short-term priority is TCL Computer to introduce strategic investors, and there is no separate listing of the program.


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